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Are You A Woman Who Is Looking For Help Starting Or Growing Your Business? Project Gazelle Is Here To Help!

What is Project Gazelle?

Project Gazelle is a program that focuses on assisting female entrepreneurs to build a successful venture. In partnership with Community Futures from across the province, Project Gazelle offers free or heavily subsidized business training courses, workshops, mentorship and even coworking space in some communities.


Business Coaching & Mentorship

From peer mentoring mastermind groups to one-on-one coaching sessions, Project Gazelle ensures you don’t hit any roadblocks as a woman in business.

Mentorship & coaching is one of the most powerful tools that we leverage within our programming to motivate, inspire and help accelerate the voice & vision of women entrepreneurs in Alberta & Saskatchewan.


Training Courses

Project Gazelle offers uniquely tailored training courses for women entrepreneurs to ensure they have the tools & skills they need for a successful business venture.

This includes your expected marketing, sales, human resources, and business planning training - but also training such as building confidence and developing a healthy work-life balance.


Coworking & Incubator Spaces

Some of our Project Gazelle program partners offer Coworking and Business Incubator spaces specialized for female entrepreneurs throughout the province.

Find out more about these spaces on the Project Gazelle website.

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Unit 107 - 8026 Franklin Avenue
Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 5K3
P: (780) 791-0330

Communities Served

Anzac, Conklin, Draper, Fort Chipewyan, Fort Fitzgerald, Fort McKay, Fort McMurray, Janvier, Saprae Creek